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>>  Vol  2   No 3   Year(2012)
Machira J. Mwangi and Irura Nganga  

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Corporate Ownership Firm Financing Choices and Firm Value Evidenced from Emerging Markets, Pakistan
Hamid Ullah, Attaullah Shah, Shafiq ur Rehman and Amir Hussain

16-34   |   Abstract  |   Full Text

Consideration the Effect of E-health Expenditure on Economic Growth in Iran with VAR approach
Sadr, Seyed Mohammad Hossein and Gudarzi Farahani, Yazdan

35-42   |   Abstract  |   Full Text

Multinational Corporation Adherence to the Duality Management Structure in Japan versus the United States
James Tanoos

43-49   |   Abstract  |   Full Text

Development of Human Capital Throught Education in Present Day Economy
Maria Macris and Mariana Man

50-61   |   Abstract  |   Full Text

The importance of the regional integration for the economy of Kosovo
Lemane Haziri

62-73   |    |  

Cooperative societies' effectiveness in credit delivery for agricultural enterprises in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria
Awotide D.O., Aihonsu J.O.Y. and Adekoya A.H

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