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Marketing Mix, Not Branding
Waheed Riaz and Asif Tanveer
Purpose of this study is to get a better understanding of the basic marketing mix in branding perspective. Theoretical frame work presents a view of different theories of marketing mix and theories of brand building and how marketing mix and brand building theories are related to each other. This is a qualitative research, with a deductive approach. The research proposes a model linking branding and marketing mix. Theories of marketing mix and branding are thoroughly studied and relationships are developed on the basis of deduction and logical reasoning. The marketing mix and brand building process are highly interlinked. All stages of brand building process are dependent on marketing mix, which is product, price, promotion and place. To create brands, firms need to design the marketing mix in such a way so that it creates the desired image and position in customers’ minds and generate positive response which then could be converted into a strong long lasting relationship.

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