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Formation of the hydrated ethanol's prices in the combustible Brazilian market
Nilton Cesar Lima, Sonia Valle Walter Borges de Oliveira, Jamerson Viegas Queiroz, Marciano Furukava and Fernanda Cristina Barbosa Pereira Queiroz
The current study investigated the formation of the hydrated ethanol in the Brazilian fuel market, comprising costs, scale economy and marketing, economical and social factors. The research provides comprehension and reflections about the market, explaining, by means of the multiple linear regression models that the prices paid to the producer, distributor and production costs. There are evidences relative by other variables, with low linear coefficient, that complemented with the quality analysis, guide and give complexity to the price formation. The tool Variable Analysis Statistics (Anova) made possible to identify the advantage of the price of the hydrated ethanol in relation to the gasoline C in the internal market. In this way, an extended reflection of the results permitted to analyze that the advantage of the hydrated ethanol usage in the Center-West region, occurs from variable fleet, distribution basis, tributes, production and number of producer mill. In relation to the prices paid to the producer, distributor and production costs as main explainable variable in the prices formation, there are evidences related by other variables, which for more that have been presented low linear coefficient, there ones have casual relation, if complemented with the qualitative analysis, the ones which, offer, demand, tributes and seasonality are, as examples, factors that guide and give the complexity to the price formation.

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