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Role of Non Profit Services and Business Growth:
Machira J. Mwangi  and Kabare Karanja  
Start up business, be they micro, small or medium firm faces more challenges than the when entering a market and try to dislodge the already bigger and strong and established Competitor. The business sector employs more than 85% of the Kenyan population. This scenario is the same all over the world from the development developing and under developed countries. There is stiff competition between business from of all size and stages for customer and survival. Most business have turned to offering non-profit services as a strategy for survival and retain consumer as a strategy to succeed in penetrating market or retain the existing market. The purpose of the paper is to critically explore the effect of non-profit services and the business growth. It aims at looking at the nature of non profit services offered by business firms and the effects on the performance of those firms. The study employed descriptive design for primary data collection on variables contributing to the non-profit service provision. A sample of 472 respondents representing 30% of the targeted population of 1586 business firms were selected by using stratified and random sampling techniques. Primary data was collected using structured and semi structured questions, interview schedules and observation. A binary logistic regression empirical model was employed to estimate the contribution of each variable to the non profit services. The study found there were a positive impact on non profit services to business growth. These study findings reveals, there is a significant positive relationship between non profit services provision and growth of business firms .The findings demonstrates the importance of combining profit- geared services as well as non profit services for better results in achieving your growth potential.

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