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Babak Besharati Loroun and Xu Ming
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) play an important role in terms of employment and are considered a major pillar of our economy. They are often described as efficient and prolific job creators, the seeds of big businesses and the fuel of national economic engines. This research has firstly analyzed recent 8 years of the export and import trade between two countries, and indicated that even petroleum and gas trade seems to be remaining as number one in the rank of commodity category, while other business on non-oil exchanges, mainly did by SMEs reaches up to 40% of total trade business between two sides. Considering china is the first trade partner of Iran with more than 40 billion dollar transaction per year then role SMEs will be important in this hence. How to maintain this healthy development trend and how to help government policy makers to understand the opinions from the owners and managers of SMEs who have deeply involved in the real business between Iran and China, so that to make favorable means to promote this important relations, with the help of Iran and China Chamber of Commerce, this research has conducted a questionnaire survey to more than 100 respondents both in Iran and in China, The descriptive-inferential methods were used for data analysis, so that descriptive statistics method was used to classify, purify, and interpret statistical data while inferential method was used for test of hypothesis. Use statistics to reveal the normal business people's understanding of Quality, Cost and Operation Flexibility which have the inference on two countries' economic cooperation between Iran and China. We think that these root information could be regarded as valuable originally opinions that could be listened not only for policy makers or chamber of commerce but also for real business peoples in Iran and China.

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