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Marcia Rohr da Cruz, Moisés Waismann, Adrieli Alves Pereira, Maria Emilia Camargo, Guilherme Cunha Malafaia, Pelayo Olea Munhoz, Margarete Luisa Arbugeri Menegotto and Gabriela Zanandrea
This study in the automotive supply chain of the Serra Gaúcha aimed to ascertain the central value given by this automotive supply chain upstream and downstream. For this we used the concepts of supply chain, automotive, among other theories. As an essential element for the delimitation of the study and in particular the chain of production data were used in the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE version 2.0. Regarding the type of research as the study was basically exploratory qualitative theme was followed the script for the case study, also help in solving this type of events and decision-making that occurred throughout the study and construction, yet to contribute to the line followed in the case study, in its twists and results presented. In addition we used several sources that contributed to the theoretical model used, such as books, journal articles, databases, reports on the subject matter drawn from the Internet and other available. After data collection and analysis of study materials, based on the Rasmussen-Hirschman index was reached that the identification of the automotive industry generates downstream Serra Gaucho, 1.08 times the value in its production, which values numerical represents R$7.324 million for the year 2007 and $ 8.953 million for 2008. Since the amount and rate based on the estimated value for the chain was estimated at 0.62, which representing the forward studied segment generates less value, in monetary terms presents U.S. $ 4.57 million for the year 2007 and $ 5.587 million for the year 2008. therefore, it is the recommendation that the automotive supply chain of the Serra Gaúcha is estimated at a value of 18.688 million to 22.847 million in 2007 and 2008, an increase of 22% in the years studied.

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