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Join our Editorial Team

SBRP and AJBMS team is committed to ensuring the quality of the research submitted to our journal. We believe that a dedicated and committed team of editors and reviewers make it possible for us to evaluate the quality of the research papers. We also believe that fairness, objectivity, timeliness and quality of the reviews is the criteria of success for academic journals. Maintaining and improving quality of research work will not a success without the assistance of editorial team and reviewers. Your evaluation of the research articles will help us decide about their suitability to the journal. Reviewers should put themselves into the authors’ shoes and service their needs from that perspective.

Currently we are recruiting reviewers and editorial team for AJBMS. The criteria for selection are listed below.

  • He/she must be a doctorate in any discipline related to Business and Management Sciences.
  • He/she should be associated with or have any permanent job in a recognized University.
  • Have an experience of reviewing research articles and is also a reviewer or editorial board member in any other reputed international journal.
  • He/she should be proficient in reading and writing English.
  • Can spare his/her time when asked to review the article in a timely manner (preferably within 7 days)

This job is part time, internet based and voluntary. The reviewers should pay EDF  (Editorial Balanse Fund) fee, which is 2 bitcoins, the actual amount at the time of payment, check with the editor

Kindly send us your consent along with your updated resume to

  Our team will review your profile and finally notify you the decision.

Editorial Board members and Reviewers’ name will be mentioned on our website.

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